International Journal of Occupational Hygiene 2017. 9(4):.

Application of ultrasound-assisted emulsification solidification of floating organic drop microextraction for preconcentration and trace detection of Iron (III) in water and human urine samples
sara karimi zeverdegani, Mitra Shabab, Masoud rismanchian, Hossein Ali Rangkooy


Objectives: This study a novel ultrasound assisted emulsification with solidification of floating organic droplet microextraction procedure (USAE-SFODME) for iron determination was developed. USAE-SFODME method was not so far used for that aim. Thus, this method is quite innovative in this respect. The method is based on: preparation of urine samples containing iron cations, iron extraction and analysis by Flame atomic absorption spectroscopy (FAAS).

Results: The optimal experimental conditions  for the urine samples spiked containing 0.8µg ml-1 iron was found to be: 2 mL of ligand, 1-(2-Pyridylazo)-2-naphthol (PAN), 90 μL extraction solvent, temperature =35˚C, sonication of time=20 minutes in pH=5.5. LOD, RSD and recovery were obtained respectively: 0.378μg mL-1, 1.67% and 97.37% (n=9).

Conclusions: USAE-SFODME technique could be established as a successful method in determining trace of iron in urine samples. Reducing sample size, replacement of toxic reagents and reducing organic solvent, direct analysis and no requirement for sample preparation, high efficiency and reduced exposure time for the operators with toxic organic solvents are among the most prominent advantages of the proposed method.


USAE-SFODME, Urine sample, Iron, Flame Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy

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