Identifying Effective Events, for Improving Quality of Life in Built Environment

  • FATEMEH AMIRIAN PhD candidate, Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism, Islamic Azad University Central Tehran Branch
  • HOMA IRANI BEHBAHANI Professor, Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism, Islamic Azad University Central Tehran Branch
Keywords: Events, Built environment, Quality of life


The city environment has a crucial role in mental and social health promotion. Improvement of quality of the cityenvironment depends on the promotion of the hard and soft infrastructures in the urban area. However, addressing soft infrastructures in urban spaces design is often neglected, because the factors shaping it are non-physical inmany cases. This study aimed to study life-giving events as one of the soft infrastructures that improving qualityof life in built environment. The main question of this research was as follows: what are the effective factors information of life-giving events. In this regard, the qualitative analysis has been selected in order to analyzedifferent levels of life manifestation in space by studying theorists’ visions on the subject of life, which providethe basis for shaping the lived space. Then, observation-gathering method has been used in order to identifyvarious aspects of life-giving cultural events, by selecting number of life-giving cultural events of Tehran asaccessible population sampling. The results show that these events involve different levels of life—structural,functional, semantic-conceptual, and livable life—in a form of a system. In addition, the results indicate certainfactors in defining this category of events including: “features,” “capabilities,” and “providing the possibilities”which create the basis for reproducing life-giving events under similar conditions.


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