Evaluation of Physical Characteristics and Particulate Filtration Efficiency of Surgical Masks used in Iran's Hospitals


Bioaerosols are the most significant risk for exposed people leads to infectious diseases. This study was aimed at evaluation of physical and microscopic characteristics and submicron particulate filtration efficiency of surgical masks used in hospitals throughout Iran. Five types of domestic (Zist Filter, ElhamTeb and Arman masks) and imported (Blosom, Face Masks) surgical masks were tested separately for physical characteristics and submicron particulate filtration efficiency based on Standards AS 4381-1996 and ISIRI 6138. Arman mask had  the  maximum levels  in  fluid  resistance  (112  cm of  water),  pressure  drop  (35±2.58  Pa)  and particulate filtration efficiency (66.5475%±6.14951) and lowest averages of pore diameter (18.7micron).ElhamTeb had the least weight (59.51 2.46 g/m2) and fluid resistance (50.3 cm of water). Zist filter had the least thickness and pressure drop (11 ±1.82 Pa). Blosom had the least particulate filtration efficiency (27.8275 % ±4.44152) and highest averages of pore diameter (425 micron) and fiber diameter (20 micron).The particulate filtration efficiency in the domestic masks (56.130% ±10.07) was more than imported masks (31.906 % ±7.062). Domestic surgical masks have a better quality than imported masks but they cannot satisfy the required level of quality, yet.

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