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Safety Risk Management of Automaker Industries Using Combination of Fuzzy FMEA and Vikor (Case Study: Pre-Paint Hall of Iran-Khodro Company)


Human resources as the most important factor in the production and service have always been threatened by several factors. Among them, work-induced accidents are of the most important. Safety risk management plays an important role in reduction of their effectiveness. The purpose of this study is assessment and management of safety risk in automaker industries. This present study was carried out in pre-paint hall of Iran-Khodro Company (surface preparation process). In this regard, FUZZY FMEA method and VIKOR technique were applied to assess the potential detected failure modes and to prioritize corrective actions, as well as representation of appropriate solutions, respectively. Team of HSE experts included 15 persons were used for weighting and prioritizing corrective actions, criteria and scoring of risk factors. The result showed that 6 activities with the risk of “Electric shock”, “Collisions with objects and fire” and “Fire and Explosive” were identified in high level safety risks. Finally, some corrective actions likes “Using of insulation equipment, gloves and flooring”, “General safety training”, “Periodic visit of fire alarm” were used for management of the risks.

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