Evaluation of the psychological effects of COVID-19 and related factors among workers of the drink industry

  • Bahram Kouhnavard Ph.D Student of Ergonomics, Department of Occupational Health and Safety Engineering, Tehran University of Medical Sciences
  • Farin Khanehshenas Mail
Drink industry, Covid-19, Psychological effects, worker


The aim of this study was to evaluate the psychological effects of COVID-19 and related factors among the drink industry workers. The present analytical cross-sectional study was performed in early 2020 in Iran. The number of 147 workers of a drink industry participated in the study. Three online questionnaires, namely demographic information, Impact of Event Scale-Revised (IES-R), and Stress-Anxiety-Depression questionnaire DASS-21 were distributed among the participants through social networks (WhatsApp and Telegram) to collect data. The obtained data were analyzed using SPSS-24 via both descriptive and analytical statistical methods. The mean and standard deviation of the respondents’ age equaled 35.13±6.26 years within the range of 22 to 57 years. In the same way, the mean and standard deviation of psychological impact using the IES-R scale were equal to 50.80±15.54 where 117 participants (79.6%) showing moderate psychological effects. In addition, the mean and standard deviation of depression, anxiety, and stress measured using the DASS 21-item scale were equal to 94.39±15.15. The majority of respondents were aware of the transmission routes (96.6%) and the dangerous and deadly virus (51.7%). It should be mentioned that 90.5% the respondents performed protective behaviors, such as wearing masks and gloves, using disinfectants, and so on against COVID-19 on a daily basis. In addition, 66% of the respondents always performed protective behaviors during their shift work, and 53.7% of them were satisfied with the support receiving from their workplace. In this regard, 79.6% of the respondents in this study reported the psychological impact of COVID-19 to be moderate. Since this epidemic is continuously at play, it is suggested that employers and practitioners go for the development of new work instructions, design of online psychological interventions, provision of personal protective equipment items, etc. to improve the workforce health during the COVID-19 epidemic.

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