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Risk Factors of Low Back Pain in Iranian Workers during 2000-2015: a systematic review


Previous studies confirm direct and indirect costs of low back pain in occupational settings. However, there is no systematic study of the risk factors for low back pain in different occupations; while planning and allocating resources requires comprehensive knowledge at the national and regional levels in order to control and manage low back pain. Therefore, the aim of this study was to identify risk factors of low back pain in Iranian workers during the years 2000 to 2015. Published journal papers, articles presented at the congresses and student thesis reports were systematically reviewed. Abstracts were extracted using appropriate keywords and authentic English-language (Google Scholar, Scopus, and PubMed) and Farsi (Magiran, SID, IranMedex, and Irandoc) databases. Following quality assessment of the selected publications, the full texts of the related ones were reviewed.  In 150 eligible studies, the mean prevalence of low back pain in the last 12 months was 48.77. Nordic questionnaire was the most commonly used technique for assessing back pain, and RULA and REBA were the most commonly used method for determining risk factors. All risk factors were categorized into nine groups: biomechanical, workplace design, tools and equipment, environmental, temporal aspects of job design, job content, organizational aspects, personal characteristics, and training. According to the findings, about half of the workers in Iran experienced low back pain. Considering the widespread risk factors and the high prevalence of low back pain among various occupational groups, it is suggested that appropriate measures be taken based on the findings of this study.

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