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Assessment of the Relationship between NIHL and Blood Biochemical Tests


Noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) is the most common complication of long-term noise exposure, though there  are  some  other  complications  due  to  exposure  to  noise.  Metabolic  complications  of  the  noise exposure are being evaluated in recent studies. We aimed to assess the relationship between NIHL and lipid profile, and fasting blood sugar (FBS). In This cross-sectional  study, 462 workers with exposure to noise were randomly selected. Considering the presence of NIHL they were divided into two groups. FBS, cholesterol,  LDL, HDL, TG,  ALT,  AST,  ALP  and  Cr  levels were  measured  in these  workers  and  all variables  were compared between  two groups. We found a significant relationship  between  FBS, TG, cholesterol and LDL levels in two groups (p<0.001 for all variables). There was not a significant difference in Cr and liver enzymes levels between two groups. Noise exposure could be a cardiovascular risk factor, which can cause considerable metabolic disorders among those who suffer from NIHL.

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