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the Effectiveness of Life Skills Training on Assertiveness and Work Engagement among staff of Shemiranat Welfare Vocational Centers



The aim of semi-experimental research which was performed by pre-post-test method was to discuss the effectiveness of life skills training on assertiveness and work engagement among personnel of Dr. Shariati vocational and rehabilitation center of Tehran. The statistical population consisted of all staff working in above center (18 people) in 2018. Gambriel and Richi (1975) and Selano and Shufili questionnaires (2001) were used to estimate assertiveness and work engagement. The instruments had internal coincidence as 0.88 and 0.95. 60 educational programs were considered as experimental intervention pertain to life decuple skills (each skill for 6 hours’ training). In order to test hypothesis, t correlative groups were used. The results showed that experimental intervention influences on increment of assertiveness and its subscales (controversial and fundamental) and general work engagement has negative effect on attraction and powerful by interval 95% (p<0/05).


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Keywords: Assertiveness, work Engagement, life Skills Training

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