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Conceptual Framework of Toilet Seats Design from Hygiene Perspective for the Society of the ‘Islamic Republic of Iran’


The human being is the noblest of all the creations by Allah Rabbul-Izzat. Allah gave special commands to humans which made differences over other species, the hygiene practice is one of them. The researches on toilets, defecation, urination and self-cleansing may be supposed as unthinkable subjects in daily discussions, but these topics are important for health and hygiene perspectives. Designers and manufacturers are busy making aesthetically attractive, ergonomically and anthropometrically defined toilet seats. But there is a need for some adjustments in the size and design of modern toilet seats as per the hygiene perspective. This paper presents a conceptual design framework aimed, increasing the level of hygiene and introduced the three-dimensional designs of sitting and squatting types of toilet seats with some amendments as compared to modern designs, concerning hygiene perspective. The present conceptual design of toilet seats can become the integration of human hygiene practice.  In this study, Solidworks Designing Software was used for three-dimensional designs. This framework study dedicates to Iranian society.

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Human Hygiene Toilet Seats Unhygienic Gap Unhygienic Droplets Conceptual Design.

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