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Investigation of the Causes of Car Battery Explosion


Anyone who owns a vehicle has certainly dealt with a dead battery at least several times in his/her life, however he/she might not know the hidden hazard of explosion of a battery. Therefore it is very important to know proper handling of battery to prevent a battery from exploding. This study is intended to inform people on proper battery handling, causes of an explosion, and how accident investigations can be conducted. To do this, this work will present information that informs people on causes, investigation, and corrective measures in battery use. The main methods used in this work are research, published literatures, and analysis that will aim to create awareness that is easy to understand. This paper will cover causes of battery explosions, techniques used in investigations, and preventative measures. The expected results of this paper are to find multiple reasons why a battery may explode, various techniques used in investigations and find ways that prevent a battery from exploding.

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